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    Possible to upload and run Zephyr Project MCU binary on Edison MCU?


      Hi guys, is it possible to follow the Developer Application Primer posted on Zephyr Project in order to build applications to run on the Edison MCU? Unlike other supported Intel Quark board which only has a dedicated MCU, the Intel Edison has its MCU packaged together with the Dual Core Atom processor. As such we might need an alternate  mehod to accessing the MCU on Edison?


      I presume the following steps are required?

      • Creating a custom board configuration file since the Edison is not listed under the Zephyr official supported board, including pin muxing, driver, etc.
      • Devise a way to upload the compiled output file zephyr.elf file (containing the final combined application and kernel binary) into the location that the Linux kernel on the Atom will read prior to booting up the MCU? It is to my understanding that the MCU is only powered on through the Linux kernel running on Atom and is not run in parallel or independently. Not sure whether attempting this will fully overwrite the default MCU firmware supplied by the official Edison Yocto image?


      One question still remains if the aforementioned steps are plausible, will running the Zephyr OS on the Edison MCU also allowing the MCU to access the SPI interface? From Intel Edison MCU SDK page it is stated that both the Atom and the MCU shares their I/O. Yet the support of SPI on the Edison MCU is still in the limelight and unresolved :/