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    Does Intel System Studio for Microcontrollers support Intel Edison?


      It is to my understanding that the ISS microcontroller IDE currently supports the Quark MCU D2000 and C1000 series. Is there any way for us to use ISS to build and deploy applications on the underlying MCU on Intel Edison which is based on Minute IA Intel architecture? The technical documentions on accessing the MCU on Edison so far is limited to using the MCU SDK which was released several years ago and is still yet to support the SPI interface. Since the MCU is embedded within the Intel Edison compute module, I presume it requires an alternate method since using USB/Serial connection will not expose the ttymcu0 as ttyUSB0 line to the IDE. I believe the IDE will only uses the USB serial connection to automatically detect the D2000 and C1000 MCU?


      It is my intention to use it to build applications running on the Zephyr OS since the recent build 2016 Update 1 added support for it.