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    Realsense SDK SR300 and minicomputer with Atom Processor


      Hello - I purchased the Intel Realsense SDK/camera SR300 and I tried hooking it up to an Azulle min-computer running Win10. The Azulle computer has an Atom processor (CherryTrail) and USB 3.0. However, when I try to install the Camera driver, the install program cannot detect the camera. What do I do?

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          Whilst the R200 camera's specification allows for use with an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor, the SR-300's specification asks for a minimum of an Intel Core 6th generation (Skylake) processor to fully function.  When the SR-300 is used with a processor that does not meet the spec, some basic functions such as raw camera data streaming and RGB video processing may be accessible, but advanced functions such as hand and face tracking will not.


          There was one person who got the SR-300 camera working with an Atom Z8700 processor, though with slowness and with errors in some sample programs, by using an older version of the DCM software with the camera - they did not specify which version it was. 


          If they were using the first SR-300 DCM (there are only two), that version (   seems to no longer be available.  The release notes of the current DCM are dated September 29 2016.  As that user posted their message in July 2016, there would not have been an "older" DCM yet for SR-300.  This makes me wonder if they tried using a DCM designed for the F200 camera with the SR-300 instead, since the SR-300 is the next-generation successor of the F200.


          The probability of success is low, but it may be worth trying if the mini-computer is the only device you have that you can attach the camera to.