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    Does Intel provide a driver for HD Graphics Family V. that is COMPATIBLE with Win 7 x64 Pro 'Service Pack 1' (SP1) Update?


      I am not an IT pro, but have been able to handle all PC problems to date myself, with the help of Microsoft and other user forums, until now:  everything points to a flawed HP driver for the 'Intel(R) HD Graphics Family' cited in the subject line.

      Unit is an HP 2012 ProBook 4530s, Win 7 Pro x64, Intel Core i3.

      OEM hard drive failed 3x while under warranty, reinstalled Win 7 each time from original discs, the last time onto an upgraded Hitachi 500GB HD 2+ yrs ago: no HDD or any other software/hardware problems since then, ever.

      AV: MSE, Malwarebytes Prem, Spybot: updated and run daily.

      All Windows Updates were continuously installed EXCEPT:

      "Win 7 Service Pack 1 for x64-based Systems (KB976932)": many installation attempts all FAILED:

      - with all AV software OFF

      - have run 'System Update Readiness Tool: Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x64.msu' many times: all attempts FAILED.

      - have run SP1 (KB976932) as 'stand alone' file from dedicated Update site (~ 900 MB): FAILED.

      - Update 'Diagnostic Troubleshooter' run many times: 'no defective files detected'.

      Every attempt at installation of SP1 gives: 'Error 80070490' which indicates 'missing/corrupted' files, or 'registry errors'.

      Without the SP1 Update, Win 7 can not be upgraded, no browser beyond Exp 9 is possible, Google.forms and many other sites are increasingly inaccessible:  the unit in its present configuration is 'dead in the water' in this regard.

      A representative example of the difficulty this Update failure has posed:

      The error 0X80070490(Element not found) when you are installing a service pack or update – Microsoft Reduce Customer Eff… https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/asiasupp/2011/06/19/the-error-0x80070490element-not-found-when-you-are-installing-a-service-pack-or-update/https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/asiasupp/2011/06/19/the-error-0x80070490element-not-found-when-you-are-installing-a-service-pack-or-update/https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/asiasupp/2011/06/19/the-error-0x80070490element-not-found-when-you-are-installing-a-service-pack-or-update/https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/asiasupp/2011/06/19/the-error-0x80070490element-not-found-when-you-are-installing-a-service-pack-or-update/

      A number of posts were found pointing to a defective HP Driver for the Graphics Device installed on this ProBook and other HP products during this period.

      HP has provided no 'fix', Microsoft has provided no 'fix'.  If I understand the problem correctly, even if Win 7 was uninstalled, and Win 10 installed, without HP providing a correct driver for the SPECIFIC Intel installed graphics device (hardware) on this SPECIFIC laptop,there is NO guarantee that Win 10 will run correctly.  Is this assujption correct?

      Accessing this Intel forum as a last resort in hope that anyone with familiarity with this problem might advise as to a possible solution.  Otherwise, this ProBook is a solid, full-size, aluminum-clad laptop that I'd like to keep, if I can upgrade it.

      Thanks very much.