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    DX58SO ESata problem with Marvell controller


      Hi All,


      I recently got DX58SO mother board + i7 920 2.66, with this board has Marvell eSATA controller not reliable works with windows xp.


      When ever i connect the externel harddisk (WD My Book 1TB), after 2-3 min xp hangs up. The same external harddisk tested with Dell w3500 and M2400 which has different controller (eSATA) works without any problem. Found out there is a problem in Marvell eSATA controller which is mentioned in "http://tinyurl.com/yar9b5m" (incompatibility of the Marvell eSATA controller and the chipset on the external hard drive).


      If there is a problem in controller, can this be fixed by Intel tech team or if there is any solution please let us know.




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          I believed that only the manufacturer of your controller can help you with your problem. Try contacting the controller manufacturer. Is it really needed to connect your external drive to the DX58SO system?

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            Hi Boyet,


            Thank you,

            yes i have data which needs to be run on multiple PC with Huge data, as eSATA is similar to inter harddriver and Intel as a best brand i took this Mother board.

              unfortunately now i am struggling to use in eSATA mode and using only USB/Firewire (which is very slower then eSATA mode).


            And the controller is used internally by Intel DX58SO. Requested the same issue with Marvell but still now no response.

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              I'm not sure if this will work with you. The external drive is just an enclosure with an hdd inside. So if you just remove the hdd (I'm assuming that it is a sata drive) and place it in one of the sata port of the motherboard you should be able to access those data without using the Marvell adapter.

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                Yes, removing the HDD case and connect directly to the Mother board will work (But i purchased this WD for portaballity and i dont wont to break the warrenty ). Problem is some times we need to use Laptop and run the data, where i can't get the sata port as output, running the same from USB/Firewire will take 4 times slower.

                m totally disappointed investing with expensive mother board and processor. 


                Thanks for your suggestion..

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                  The WD premium drive only has usb/firewire port. Is this correct? Yes usb/firewire is slow compared to sata/esata. Your mobo has two esata port at the back. If this esata port does not work and the six internal sata port work temporarily you can use a sata cable to esata port bracket. They are cheap. It is temporary while either Intel or WD can resolve this issue.

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                    Guru, have you already installed Marvell (RAID) driver version and set the discrete controller to RAID in the BIOS according to the Marvell manual on Intel's download site? If so, I'm wondering if you currently have anything else attached to internal SATA ports on the Marvell controller, such as an optical drive. If so, try moving that drive to the Intel SATA ports and see what effect it has on your issue.


                    There are numerous posts on this and other sites from people having problems with the Marvell controller and eSATA. Your symptoms are different from what I experienced, but moving my optical drive off the discrete controller cleared up all eSATA issues for me. After that our thread got a surprise visit from an Intel engineer who is looking into the issue. If you're interested, check out details in this thread.

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                      i have exactly the same problem with chipset Marvell 88SE6145


                      1 - with ASUS motherboard P5E WS PRO same Marvel port 88SE6145


                      * at boot firmware cannot find all the time the 4 drives connected to the sata ports ( erratic 4 or 3 )


                      * with winxp all drivers last or new ... some timeout reported my Marvell MRU


                      * with sata port multiplier enclosure with 4 drives mounted in RAID 10 mode many many time out ( mouse stop ) and restart after one minutes !!


                      also detection problem at boot


                      2 - i have a new pci.e card with same chipset 88SE6145




                      same chipset , same problem !!




                      with SIlicon Image SIL3132 card or JMicron JMB363 my 2 * enclosures for 4 drives run fine


                      that is what this stupidity


                      i have acquire  IOSATA card just for test if problem is the same !!!


                      impossible to find contact with Marvell drivers / firmware developpers , i have contacted France representative and not found contact for this



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                        Still i am having a problem, tested with all combination as suggested by Intel support team and also from Googling..


                        working with USB/Firewire (slow but there is no other alternative).


                        Please let me know any one succeded using eSATA with external Harddisk with DX58SO mother board and also which external HDD is used.


                        Really sad with the mother board (only with eSATA interface, rest are all good as specified in the spec) .