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    Mother Board Problem


      Intell Destop Board 945PLNML, Would someone please help me usderstand why this MB will not recognize the following HD: Hitachi Destar K1000.P, 250 GB Serial ATA.  I plug this drive in and all that comes up is the Intel destop which says push F2, I push F2 and nothing happens.  Help?

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          Check if you have set these bios settings Advanced  >> Drive >> Configure SATA as IDE & ATA/IDE Mode to Enhanced.


          If not fixed,try to do a cmos clear and flash the bios to the latest one using the recovery mode.


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            My computer recognizes the SATA HD now but it still will not load Win XP.  How do I slipstream wind xp with SP2.  I am a complete novice so I don't understand why intel would sell a motherboard that is so difficult to use.  I have the (D945PLNML  Motherboard)  Why don't they provide the proper drivers for the most popular operating systems?  So I need an easy way to slipstream XP and SP2 I have bothe the XP and SP2 cds.