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    Trying to find Intel I7 860 model number that supports (AMT) aka "Vpro"


      I have been searching for quiet some time now for intel's newest model of Core I7 cpus that support Intel Active Managment Technology. I have searched intel's website inside and out. I found a link in intel's webserver which is  http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-4797;jsessionid=168C5DC151E306FB39D8002A8EDF2264.node5COMS


      I then click on the I7-860 link which takes me to another page which shows all the information about the I7-860 in great detail. Within this processor specification page there is not a single word on INTEL AMT or Vpro. Intel does not give me any specific model numbers for a cpu in the I7 line that has AMT or Vpro. Could someone please help me find a specific I7-860 specific model number that will support AMT. Thank You

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          I think that you are confused between the two different technology.


          AMT is defined and explained clearly here.



          Example of Intel (R) Boards that support Vpro technology and AMT:


          All 'Q' family board.


          VPro is just a platform technology, that supports:
          Built-in Management
          Managed – reduce your support costs with built-in management technologies*
          Proactive Security
          Safer – protect your PCs and your data infrastructure with built-in security technologies
          Energy Efficient Performance
          Energy Efficient Performance – improved performance with reduced power consumption with the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor inside


          To be able to get a VPro Logo, you will need to have some hardware specifications for that.

          Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6xx0 sequence w/ Intel Virtualization and Trusted Execution Technologies, other CPUs as well
          Q family chipset with ICHx-DO
          TPM 1.2
          Intel® VTx capable BIOS
          Intel® VTd capable BIOS
          Virtual Appliance capable BIOS
          Intel® TXT capable BIOS
          Intel® AMT capable BIOS
          TPM 1.2 capable BIOS
          Intel® AMT Firmware
          82566DM Gigabit LAN
          Intel® AMT Status Icon

          Note: The features above were for previously launched platform. Now, there are new AMT v6.0, i guess that there must be so many new features. So please check with some more Vpro Expert.


          In short, Vpro needs some specific hardware requirement to be eligible for that.


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            Thank you for trying to answer my question but I do know that vpro is a set of technolohies that allow Intel active managment technology features to work with the system. What I am looking for is an I7-860 cpu that has true support for active managment technology to work within the system the cpu is installed in, so that i can use the active managment technology to perform special networking and services to the computer from a remote location for my bussiness. If the operating system failed then i can gain access to the system without the os loaded. I just need to know which i7-860 cpu (model number specific") so i know which one to order. I already know of intel Motherboards that support AMT technologies. Thank you


            For example, Intel has two logos that show "intel core I5 with Vpro technology" and (intel core I7 with Vpro technology" these labels are usually on the retail boxed processor when that processor has the AMT support. No one has an Intel I7-860 with AMT in store. even retails online do not supply them. Where do I get a cpu at with this AMT technology?

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              Unfortunately, i dont know the answer. Please check with the Vpro Expert.


              Sorry i could not help you on this.


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                I would suggest you to ask Intel experts directly on 26th Feb 2010 through live Q&A. They are running Live Chat session on Intel Technologies, visit the link and register yourself to get most out of Intel Technologies at http://www.intellivechat.com/facebook.html