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    My PC won't post, Please read!!!


      Hello, recently after I had gotten ungrouded, I decided to go fire up my PC and play some BF4, however, I was stopped soon after I hit the power button, a flashing red light on my motherboard along with the typical boot lights, then code 58 pops up along with 3 long beeps, the PC then reaches error code CF. Which people said, that means my PC is having an issue with some hardware, so I checked all of the ram, unplugged the SATA cables one at a time, threw in a different GPU, reseated all of the power cables, I have an extra 1000w PSU I can also try, but I need some help!


      Mobo: DX58SO2 by intel

      CPU: Intel 990x Extreme Eddition

      Ram: 6 x 4gb ram dims ddr3

      PSU: Thermaltake Smart 650W

      GPU: Radeon R7 370

      Storage: 3 x 2 TB SeaGate Constellations set in a raid 1