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    Second fake screen on headless NUC


      Hello everyone,

      I have a NUC set up for a Hiperwall system; it's headless, there's nothing attached to that NUC and I use SOTI MobiControl to review the content in it.  it is right now being used as a streamer, which sends its entire screen contents as a video feed to the Hiperwall server, which in turn shoots it out to the screens in the office.

      The problem I'm having is that I need to add a second "fake" screen to the video configuration of this NUC and the video driver won't allow me to add a false, virtual, fake screen.  The need for this is because I have two 1920x1080px screens up on the wall and I need to feed them both the video from the NUC, but the NUC only supports one screen, so I have to split the screen in the server and then I lose expensive screen real estate in the big screens when I could just set up a second fake screen in the NUC and stream the entire desktop out to the Hiperwall server for a true 1920x2160px, which is what I need for my two big screens, instead of upping the screen resolution in only one screen I'm allowed to have in the NUC, which is 3840x2160px because this causes response issues and additional processing which is unnecessary based on my needs.

      I have already Googled possible solutions and scenarios but none of the ones I found are even remotely similar to my issue as far as I could see.

      Any suggestions and help is much appreciated.