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    MCU api - gpio interrupt mode falling AND rising edge ?




      From the doc found at MCU API | Intel® Software :

      int gpio_register_interrupt(int gpio, int mode, irq_handler_t isr);

      where mode: 0 = falling edge interrupt, 1 = rising edge interrupt


      I just wonder if i can make interrupt for both falling and rising edge .


      i try to call :

      gpio_register_interrupt(my_pin, 0, my_isr);


      gpio_register_interrupt(my_pin, 1, my_isr);

      which give me error when debuggin /dev/ttymcu1;


      but when i try :

      gpio_register_interrupt(my_pin, 2, my_isr);

      no error raised...


      just to be sure if there was not some mistake in the api documentation because it seems that mcu_snprintf

      is bad documented:


      from the doc, we can see that the declaration tell us that there is NO RETURN ( cause the void) and later, 'return value, number of chars ....' , in the 'mcu_api.h' header file this return an interger  :



      A simplified version of snprintf.

      void mcu_snprintf(char *buf, unsigned int size, const char *fmt, ...)


      • buf: the buffer point to contain the data
      • size: size of buffer
      • fmt: format string
      • return value: the number of characters that have been written







      just found this thread  Re: Multiple MCU interrupt handlers on single GPIO?

      which answer to my first question...

      so whats about the doc ?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi toukytrip,


          Thank you for contacting us and letting us know you found the solution to your fiest question. In regards to your second question, I looked at the mcu_snprintf function on the document you posted and at the mcu_api.h file. It appears that both documents say different things, as you pointed out. In https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/557355 , mcu_snprintf is declared as a void and in mcu_api.h, it is declared as an int, as you can see here:

          So, it appears that there’s a mismatch in the documentation. We’ll report this to the appropriate team so that the document can be modified.


          Let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with.