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    Intel HD 520 and OpenGL compatibility issues


      Dear support community,


      My company develops specialized CAD software. Very rarely, we run into compatibility issues with OpenGL and certain graphics cards or chipsets. In the past 15 years, there have only been one compatibility issue with the Nvidia Quadro K1100 series card and certain sets of NVidia drivers.


      Recently, we were contacted by a client who is having trouble with our CAD software on an Intel HD Graphics 520 chipset. After some troubleshooting, we have found that the program crashes on the initialization of the OpenGL context (API function wglCreateContext(...)). Some research on the Intel HD 520 chipset/drivers shows that there is extensive OpenGL compability problems with this card and many popular games, CAD programs, screensavers, etc.


      Suspecting a bad set of drivers, we asked our client to update to the latest drivers (, Download Intel® Graphics Driver). There was no change and the program still encountered an error (Error -2147417848 (&H80010108): The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.). We also developed a OpenGL text program, which shed more light on the error and instead gave a BEX error (see attached image, sorry it is in French). Now, it is not possible for VB6 to create a BEX error on its own, therefore this must be happening inside the graphics driver routines...


      Next, we asked our client to update to the BETA drivers (, Download Intel Graphics Beta Driver [15.45]). The client was able to run our CAD software - however other CAD software on the client computer was no longer functional.


      Any guidance or driver recommendations would be very helpful. These errors are very rare, but extremely frustrating to resolve.

      Best regards,
      Adam Kaplan