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    i3 530 2.9Ghz processor,DH55TC Motherboard,VMware 3.5 installation



      I purchased new computer.the configuration is i3 530 2.9Ghz processor,DH55TC Motherboard,2GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM,500GB Seagate Sata Harddisk,Samsun Sata DVD drive.i am trying to install VMware ESX 3.5.But it's showing error "Unable to find a supported device to write the VMware ESX Server 3i 3.5.0 image to and No driver found. Select Driver/Use a Driver Disk/Back".How to install VMWare ESX 3.5.also i am install ESX 4.0.it's showing error"No compatible network adapter found.please consult the products" and "Network-adapters returned critical failure" in vmkernal mode (ALT+F12).




      Please help me.Thanks in advance,Velmurugan


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          Check out www.vm-help.com and look at the thread "Customising OEM.TGZ"


          I have the DQ57TM board with 8Gig n a i3 530.


          I have, using the methods on that page got a non standard driver to load for the intel Nic.

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            It's possible that your hardware is a bit too new of ESX 3.5, I'd recommend either 4.0 or best alternative  4.1. As a workaround to get ESX 4.0 installed and then load the appropriate drivers after you have console access, add a PCIe 100/1000 NIC that's on VMware's hardware list. We do a lot of beta work in my area and often the motherboards we work with don't have supported NICs. I've had a good success with the Intel Pro 1000/PT adapter and getting ESX to load correctly. Hope this helps out - Chris


            PS: You should also probably invest in an i5/7 and another 2-6GB of RAM if you're going to run more than 1-2 VMs in this box, depending on your use case and software stack.