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    NUC7i3BNK can't install Windows 10 from USB


      Hi all,


      Picked up a new NUC7i3BNK and Intel 540s M.2 drive today, along with 2 x 4Gb sticks of Corsair CMSO8GX4M2A2133C15 RAM & Win10 Home Retail USB.


      Installed the components, powered up, into BIOS, already up to date, stuck in the retail Windows USB, selected it from the F10 boot menu and straight into a BSOD.


      The RAM and NUC were purchased from different vendors due to stock issues. The vendor of the NUC said my install media (MS retail) was corrupt, the vendor of the OS and all other components said MS retail sticks don't do UEFI properly and to create my own install media.


      I've been building and supporting PCs long enough to feel that neither of those possibilities were true. That said, I'm still stuck with now several USBs, several install attempts and absolutely no success.


      I've attached screenshots of the BIOS and the BSOD. I'm left thinking RAM might be a possible culprit.. are these things known not to like Corsair RAM it otherwise seems happy enough to detect?


      Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated!