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    Mystery events from Wifi Drivers in Windows Event Log


      Why do Intel Wifi drivers not provide descriptions along with events in the Windows Event Log?


      I have a "Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260" on Windows 10 64-bit running driver

      It is generating events in my Windows Event Log with a Source name of "NETwNb64".


      Some example events that I am interested in have IDs of 5005, 5007, 5032, and 5035.

      In the event log, they all say things like:

      "The description for Event ID 5005 from source NETwNb64 cannot be found.


      The following information was included with the event:


      Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

      Element not found"


      If you search for these events on Google, you will see many people have the same issue that they are missing a description in the event log.

      If you are curious: yes there is a certain behavior that I witness from my Wifi adapter that accompanies these events, but my primary concern with this particular forum post is not that behavior.  It is just to find out the descriptions of these events.


      For some reason, Intel seems to have failed to provide what Microsoft calls a "Message File" along with their driver, and as a result, when it generates events, they have no human-readable description.

      I find this baffling.  Either they have explicitly chosen to omit this from their drivers, making it virtually impossible to determine the meaning of these events without contacting them, or they have somehow introduced a flaw in their driver packaging/distribution/install process that inadvertently omits it (which would be a pretty serious oversight).


      I have contacted Intel support about this issue and to date they have not been able to provide me with the descriptions of the events.  In fact, they assert that it is only Microsoft who can supply this information to me.


      Now, Intel also provides its own Intel event log as part of PROSet, but (equally baffling) if you install the regular end-user drivers on Windows 10, their "Wireless Event Viewer" simply cannot be installed along with PROSet or the drivers, and this fact is very poorly documented on their support site.  There is a mechanism of getting it working with the "IT Admin" driver distribution, but the events that I see in this Intel Wireless Event Viewer do not correspond in time or number to those in my Windows Event Log, so they do not help me. (They also provide very little information even though they do in fact have actual populated text descriptions).


      So does anyone know what these events mean?



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Scootley,

          We noticed that you already have an open ticket with our support center for this inquiry. We would like to inform that we will continue working this issue in your support ticket.
          We are looking for the information you are requesting, but in order to engage the proper resources, we need the purpose of the request, and the details of the issue/behavior you are seeing. Please reply to the email sent by our support engineer with the details required.

          Jonathan B.

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            Hi Jonathan,


            Thanks for the reply.  Yes I mentioned the tickets in my original post.  It should be apparent from my post that I am not optimistic about the support ticket being a promising mechanism to resolve this issue, and so I've posted here in order to:

            1) Get help from a different group of people at Intel who may be more capable of both understanding and answering my question, which is a fairly straightforward question that really should not even have to be asked in the first place (see my reasoning in original post)


            2) Get help from members of the public who may have knowledge that can be more easily and publicly (than via a support ticket) be shared in order to resolve my question and help the many others who have similar confusion caused by your description-less driver event log messages


            I have provided more information just now in the support ticket including what I think you mean by the "purpose of the request" (to me the purpose is clear: i want to know what those event log messages mean).  If this information becomes relevant to this forum thread then I will share it here as well.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Scootley,

              Thanks for the explanation. The description of the events is not publically available, however, our support center is checking with our additional resources about your inquiry.
              Your request will be handled though the support ticket. Please wait for their reply; our support specialists will provide updates and also help you with any odd behavior shown by the wireless adapter.

              Jonathan B.