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    NUC6CAYS static screen when switching HDMI sources


      Currently have an older samsung tv (LN52A650) updated to the latest firmware (last update was from 4 or so years ago).  Recently updated to NUC6CAYS, and while it seemed to work initially, I now get a static screen when switching from HDMI 1 (Directv) to HDMI (PC - NUC6CAYS) .   The static screen goes away if I unplug the HDMI cable or turn the tv on and off.


      I'm using the latest intel drivers and just upgraded to new HDMI cables.  I'm thinking it might be a handshake issue.   This issue happens instantly, say switching from PC to TV to PC so I don't believe it has anything to do when the NUC6CAYS goes into sleep mode.  Any suggestions?  It didn't happen right away so I'm wondering if there is a chance it is directv or windows 10 update related.