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    Possible hardware enhancements to CPU architecture


      These are some of the initial hardware enhancement ideas to CPU and Architecture overall:

      • hardware memory blitter similar to those used in video cards, either integrated or as a co-processor

      • hardware context switching perhaps 16 banks with, ability to set a thread affinity to a hardware context bank

      • small internal FPGA fabric

        • possible uses: implement OS context switching, OS task scheduler in fabric

      • language aware character functions from internal ROM character sets

        • invariant-case string comparison

        • lower-case, upper-case string conversion

      • long character or binary stream comparison, either integrated or as a co-processor

        • lots of Rapid Application Development(RAD) applications utilize strings for conditionals

        • usage example: being able to do a 30 character string comparisons co-processor wise, possible invariant-case comparison


      Community, please give your feedback.



      Thank you in advance,



      Sky Morey