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    NUC 6i3syh random BSOD after 1 year use


      Hi guys,


      One year ago I bought a NUC6i3SYH.

      I mated it with a HyperX 8gb, ddr4 2133mhz 1.2v module, because the guys around here wrote that it was compatible with the NUC.

      Also I bought a Kingston V300 120gb sata III SSD.

      Peripheral I used a Microsoft All in One Media keyboard.

      Operating system Windows 10 Pro.

      Usual apps: Chrome browser, Plex Media Server, uTorrent.


      All went well for 1 year, until a week ago. From then on, I got so many Blue Screens (BSOD) I can't even count them. Every time another error message.

      I have tried the following with NO success:

      Update to latest BIOS

      Clean install of Windows 10 with latest updates

      Installed the latest drivers

      Changed the RAM module with a Micron module, approved by the Intel site

      Disabled Bluetooth, LAN


      Ran stress tests and no BSOD appeared. Ran memory, hdd checks and no BSOD or errors.


      It seems that I almost always get a BSOD while running Chrome or Edge, or being connected to the internet LAN or Wi-Fi

      In Chrome I get the "Aw Snap" error first then in 4-5 mins BSOD.

      In Edge - error loading page, then in 4-5 mins BSOD


      If I leave it with no Internet connection and loop a movie in mpc-hc  + heavyload stress test, there is no problem.


      Should I send it in for waranty? I don't know if they will have the patience to tinker and replicate the errors, because the seem almost random.

      Please help!


      LE: I also got a BSOD right before finishing a Windows install, so that put me off


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