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    switch between 3g and wifi in Intel Edison


      Hi all,


      I am following the instructions in : https://bovs.org/post/168/Building-Yocto-linux-for-Intel-Edison-with-3G-USB-modems-support

      I am successfully using Wifi and 3G at the same time. Both connection works individually.


      Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.28.50 AM.png


      As the figure shows above, Intel Edison first will connect with Wifi and works properly.


      If I disconnect the WIFI connection, the Intel cannot switch to 3g.


      Here is what I want to achieve:


      1. At first, connect with WiFi.

      2. If the WiFi disconnect, the backup 3g module will connect automatically.

      3. If the WiFi reconnect again, the connection will switch 3g module back to Wifi.


      Any methods to do this?