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    Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V not working


      Hello Intel community. I need help for Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V wich isn't working suddenly after a Windows update on end december (don't remember the date). After that I was looking for solutions like uptading my bios, LAN, switching to windows 7 (I'm back to Win10) and other sh*t... nothing works. So I want to share a screenshot of the problem here. And a last thing, I tried the intel driver uptade utility and it found that my chipest needs update from 10.0.14393.594 to So I did it but after the reboot I opened the utility again and it says the same thing  that it needs an update from 10.0.14393.594 to


      Thanks for any info, any solution. And sorry if there are some mistakes I have a low level of english