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    built-in F200 stoped working after Win10 update



      After a few automatic updates of Windows 10 a built-in F200 camera stopped working in some applications.

      In some of them - like Camera, Skype and other communicators work OK.
      Windows Hello works OK.

      Intel Realsense Training and others with using 3D can't connect to camera.
      Please advise any help.
      In attachment DCM logs.


      Kind regards.

      Jacek Dominiak

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          I see from the logs that you own the Asus ROG G771JW, with:


          Windows 10 Enterprise

          Intel Core i7 4720HQ CPU


          It sounds as though your PC is now treating your RealSense camera like an ordinary webcam, so that it is able to do simple video-based tasks such as Skype but cannot access the camera's more advanced 3D features.


          The first thing I would try is to uninstall the camera's Depth Camera Manager (DCM) component and then download version V1.4.27.48405 of the DCM from Asus' driver support page for your model and install it.


          ROG G771JW | Notebooks | ASUS Global



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            After replacing DCM component no any changes - still some aps can't connect to camera - especially trainig and one of the game I downloaded - Warriors.

            What is weird that loging to Windows by Windows Hello works fine - I can see IR diode operating and hear characteristic high frequency noise (IR diode or camera component working).
            Also RealSense Sample Browser to try some camera features works OK - 3D switches on and operates normaly.

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              It is not really supposed to be making a high pitched noise, though some PC cameras - not just RealSense - do.  You are certainly not the first person to experience this high pitched noise.  "Webcam whistle" apparently occurs when the camera is receiving signal feedback because of interference from an electrical device nearby.  A common cause is having audio speakers placed near the camera, though any device that can transmit signals could do it as well.  At Christmas time, some people find that they have interference in their wi-fi signal because of electrical impulses given off by Christmas tree lights!


              I was at first wondering if the issue was with a change made to the USB port by the Windows updates. But as your camera is an integrated one, that wouldn't apply in this case.


              If your machine is set up to save Restore Points when a new driver is installed, a quick fix may be to type 'restore' into the question typing box on the bottom of the windows screen (next to the button where you shut the PC off) to easily find the Restore Point application.  If restore point creation was enabled on your machine then you could roll the PC back to a time just before the automatic updates occurred.

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                The problem is that is a laptop built in camera. Need to unscrew bottom part and try to follow  camera power line. Is there any software  like method to power it up? Or maybe do you know which of the windows update caused the problem?

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                  Since a number of your applications do work with the internal camera and it is a limited amount that don't, opening up your laptop to look at the wiring would not achieve anything.  If it were an external camera and you could afford for it to break, then testing the wiring might be a worthwhile pursuit (in the early days of RealSense, someone was among the first to discover about the laser power-drain issue by using a voltmeter on the camera wire to check its voltage). 


                  But trying to tweak the internal wiring of the laptop could end up killing the entire machine.  20 years ago, I wrecked one of my brothers' Commodore Amiga computers when trying to fix its floppy drive.  Admittedly the machine already wasn't working, but I made it even less working.  Each failure makes you a bit more skilled (and careful) the next time though. 


                  Anyway, it is hard to know which of the automatic updates may have impaired your camera.  There was a set of three updates that caused a lot of problems for people, but they wee back in October 2016, so I would have thought that they would have been auto-installed long before now if they were the ones responsible.


                  KB3199986 brings a slew of issues: install fails, audio bugs and more


                  Here's a forum article from 3 days ago where I discussed it.


                  Re: SR300 Win10 x64 - Cannot install intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718

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