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    Intel display audio dissapears after sleep


      Hi there,

      I have a problem with my HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab291sa


      I downgraded it to windows 7 some time ago and now I have a problem with Intel Display Audio.

      Basically it dissapears after my laptop goes to sleep. I can still connect the hdmi and the picture goes through it but no audio. Only a reboot fixes the problem until my laptop goes to sleep again.

      This problem didn't exist in windows 10 at all so it can't be a hardware issue.

      I'm running the latest drivers for Intel HD 520 graphic card and all of the other drivers are up to date.


      Can anyone help at all, please?


      It drives me mad to the point where I'm almost ready to go back to windows 10! Seriously, that bad!


      Thank you!

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          Ok so today I restored my windows 10 from backup and I found something rather strange. On my windows 10 I'm running driver version which runs with absolutely no issues.

          After updating driver to the latest available from Intel website guess what happened... Audio Display started dissapearing just like on windows 7. So it's defo a driver issue.
          Now where and how to find a driver for windows 7 that will work as good as this old one on windows 10?

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            Problem solved!

            Back to windows 7, uninstalled the latest drivers and installed

            Problem no longer occurs. I shall test it for a few days and see if it really is fixed but so far all seems very promising.


            It's just very dissapointing that the newest drivers appear to be worse than the old ones, where it should be the other way round.