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    Why Skull's fan is so noisy?


      It only has been two weeks I have had a NUC Skull, I can hear the its fan noise whenever I turn it on. Even on the first day one I turned it on. Sometimes it can be so loud and that makes me want to cry.


      The noise gets loud sometimes when I just browse websites, copying files or just do nothing.


      Is it normal that the fan should be running all the time when it is on?


      If so, I can accept that but the loud noise is really unacceptable.


      I have used a couple of laptops from Dell, I never had such experience. The fan quality in Dell seems a lot better. It is almost silent. It gets loud occasionally. While Skull is often!


      Why does it have such a bad quality fan built in a expensive machine?


      How can I reduce the fan noise? How can I know that whether it is damaged or not?

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