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    4k output transformed in Full HD output with Intel HD Graphics 5600




      First, sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue.

      I have a "big" problem with the 4k output of my computer.

      I use my pc with 3 sreens, first that of the PC(1920/1080), then a 1920/1080 24' screen with the hdmi output and third a 1920/1200 with the mini display port output.

      Normally my pc can support 3 screens (2 1920/1080 and 1 4k). All works very nice until a new update from windows 10 ( version 1607)

      Now my intel driver for intel HD graphics is no compatible with the new version of Windows ( It say it support Windows 10 until the November 2016 update) and the 4k output is now a Full Hd output.

      The mini display port doesn't recognize the resolution for my 1920/1200 and Windows say that the maximum resolution is 1920/1080. Given that my screen is a 16/10 and not a 16/9, I have put the max resolution to 1680/1050 instead of 1920/1200.

      I've contacted Windows but they don't found any solution if it's not a new version of this driver.


      All my drivers are up to date and the screen works perfectly with another computer, more i just formatted my pc and reinstalled all my drivers, but no change...