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    I210 Adapter restart triggers increased performance


      I have a performance dilemma with the Windows 10 software/driver for an onboard I210 series LAN chipset.  I have two ASUS motherboards, Rampage IV – 82579V and P10S WS – I210, connected to a network.  The P10S WS is the server and the other is used as desktop.  With just these two components connected, I get about 85-90MB/s performance from a normal boot.  But, if I go into the P10S WS and change anything in the advanced configuration of the adapter, which makes the adapter restart, then my performance is 111-113MB/s (which is really good). After booting the P10S WS, I have to change something (i.e. speed from Auto to 1GB full duplex, even though it is running 1GB anyway) to get it to restart and run full speed.  Any help would be appreciated.  Running Intel latest drivers.