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    cachecade on VD is not enabling




      I created Cachecade using 2*SSD RAID 1 configuration. But I am not able to enable the ssdcaching on any VD. The option to enable ssd caching on VD is disabled in my BIOS. The VD properties is showing that it is not a cachecade capable device. What needs to be done to make a VD with Cachecade enabled ?   I

      have serveral VD's with RAID5, RAID0 and RAID1 configuration.  I am not able to enable on any of those


      When i am trying to perform the same using storcli commands. It is throwing an error that "ssd caching enabling on the VD is blocked"


      Here are my details :


      BIOS version :

      FW version = 4.660.00-8102

      Driver name = megaraid_sas

      Driver version : 06.810.10.00

      product - intel raid controller RS3SC008

      Device interface - 12G