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    Help! Intel DX58so keeps giving me an error when I start up my computer.


      Hello, I have this setup:


      Intel DX58so

      Core i7 920

      Sapphire HD 5770

      Seagate 500GB Harddrive

      Corsair 750W PSU

      GSkill 4GB (2x2) DDR 3 Ram


      Whenever I shut down my computer and start it back up I receive this error:


      The System BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attemps

      Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS performance options or recent hardware changes.


      This only happens when I shut down the computer and turn it back on, I can select Y to set up a bios configuration or I can select N and not do anything.  When I hit N it will shut down, start up again and then boot into windows.  My system works but this thing is annoying.  Any suggestions?


      I will say I know this board is a triple channel memory board, and i have 2 sticks of ram plugged in.  I have them plugged in Channel B and channel C (like the book said to do).  I have the bios flashed (through windows) to the latest driver.  Should I rearrange my ram sticks or flash the bios through a usb drive?  Thanks for your help!

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