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    NUC6i7KYK flickering display woes




      I recently picked up a NUC6i7KYK which looks like an awesome little box, but I'm have some issues with the video coming out from it. Initially I simply couldn't get HDMI and DP-mini to work together - the HDMI monitor would just tell me there was no signal after getting past the bootloader. So I got a USB-C to DP cable, and now have that and the DP-mini connected to two LG 4K monitors. Both work and look great.


      However, they flicker something awful. Every now and then one of them will cut out completely, go black and then coming back a few seconds later. That happens perhaps once every ten minutes. On top of that I see a fast flicker, either over the whole of one monitor, or just a horizontal part of it. I've not seen both monitors flicker at exactly the same time yet.


      I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 (actually its KDE Neon, which is based on 16.04) which I've updated to Kernel 4.9. I've also got the latest BiOS installed (045 I think it was). Internally there is 1x1TB Samsung 960 and 1x256GB ADATA XPG SX8000 NVMe. In the RAM slots there are 2x Crucial 16GB (CT16G4SFD8213).


      I've read the other threads on this topic (which are closed now, which is why I am posting here rather than in those threads), and tried the trick of removing one of the RAM sticks, which made no difference.


      I'd be happy to provide an SSU dump, but it looks like it is only for Windows, and I've not got a Windows install on this machine. Is there a Linux equiv.?