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    Hardware graphics acceleration gone after enabling Hyper-V with VS2015 install




      I'm facing a strange problem. On a fresh install of Windows 10 (Aniv. Upd.) on my Dell e6440, after I install Visual Studio 2015 with Hyper-V and system restarts the graphics performance gets sluggish. I have a i5-4300M with Intel HD 4600 graphics inside. After VS installation and restart the tray icon for the driver properties is gone but device manager still says that the graphics driver is the Intel one. If I disable Hyper-V and restart everything gets back to norm, graphics runs smooth and tray icon for Intel driver is back. Re-enabling Hyper-V again results in the same problem, no hardware graphics acceleration (or so it seems). I tired with the stock drivers that come from Windows Update and the manufacturer provided ones (this January update). Anyone encountered this problem?