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    Where is video control panel?


      Hi everyone, I have a genuine Intel Tappen D945GTP motherboard with a DualCore Intel Pentium D 805, 2666 MHz CPU and an Intel GMA 950 video chipset.


      I've got my monitor plugged into the integrated graphics on the motherboard, but the video on my monitor is showing up very, very dark.


      I've used the buttons on the monitor to turn up the brightness as much as possible but, even with the monitor brightness maxed out, things look very dark indeed.


      Of course, I've tried my Start button > Control Panel > Display applet, but there is no tab that leads to an Intel video control panel.


      So my next step was to try to turn up the gamma with the video control panel software.  However, I can't find any such software to download.  I've got the IDT sound control panel installed, but no video control panel.


      Naturally, the CD that came with the motherboard is nowhere to be found.  So I looked for a control panel to download.  I've downloaded the latest "driver" from Intel, but they're just drivers, not video control panels.


      I have been going blind googling and scouring the Intel web site for help, to no avail.  I've also tried downloading generic gamma adjusters from download.com, but they don't work, they don't do anything when you move the sliders that supposedly adjust your gamma.


      Does anyone know specifically where Intel hides its video control panels software for my hardware?  Am I searching for the wrong name "video control panel"?  Is my motherboard / video chipset too cheap to merit having its own VCP software?


      Any help, tips, tricks, or rumors greatly appreciated.  Thanks.