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    SR300 not working on Windows


      SR300/Stargazer throws an error when trying to start 3D scanning. RealSense 3D does not find the SR300 either.

      Used to work.

      Windows build is 14393.693

      SR300 Depth Driver:

      SR300 Virtual Driver:

      SR300 RGB : standard Microsoft driver from 2006


      Any solutions?

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          Normally I would suggest using the manufacturer's own drivers.  Apparently though, the Razer Stargazer is so similar to Intel's own SR300 camera that you can use the normal Intel SR-300 drivers with it.  Their support page says:


          "Razer Stargazer drivers are automatically downloaded and installed on your Windows 10 system as soon as you plug it into a USB 3.0 port.   Alternatively, other than installing drivers via Windows Update, you can also download and run the installer directly off Intel’s website:"


          So the issue is not likely to be related to which drivers you are using.  Are you using the newest R3 version of the SDK or version R2?  From R3 onwards, the SDK was split into optional downloadable modules rather than being a single large package  3D scanning is one of these optional modules that is not included in the core 'Esentials' main module.


          Intel® RealSense™ SDK | Intel® Software

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            I tried using one of these on my laptop the other day. I already had the DCM installed as I've used other SR300s before so I assumed it'd work straight away but it wasn't showing up in any of the samples etc. Eventually, looking through Task Manager, I noticed a "Firmware Update" process (can't remember exactly what it was called) running in the background. After about 5-10 minutes it worked fine. It's pretty dumb that it does this without any indication to the user that it's busy doing stuff and you need to wait a while before you can use it, but just leave it plugged in for a while and hopefully it'll sort itself out!

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              Yes, I'm not a fan myself of programs that hide away background processes or don't explain them.  My mother was using her PC yesterday when Windows 10 started doing one of its updates where it shows nothing on the screen but the Windows logo.  I knew that this meant an update process had started, but she thought that the computer had frozen because the logo alone was meaningless to her.


              I hope that the camera continues working for you!

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                It worked before, but then I think the system updated something. Now it stopped working. Neither Intel 3D Scan nor Sense work.

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                  Hasn't worked for several days now...