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    intel 4600 dramatically darkens colors



      I have searched extensively but I cannot seem to find a solution.

      I have a Intel Hd Graphics 4600 that is currently on This is what was recommended to download by another program, and none of the driver downloads on the Intel site actually work for my computer. I also have a Nvidia, but it doesn't control the colors like the Intel does. I use Windows 10 on a Acer Aspire V15 Nitro.


      I did not notice until now, but a few days ago I moved my game to my second monitor and noticed that I could see all the dark spots, and they were not just pure black areas. It turns out I see colors drastically different, with black crush (I've found and assumed is the term) affecting a huge portion of the dark colors I see. Even saturated colors are dramatically darkened, to the point where I had no idea they were even saturated until recently when I started looking at things through my second monitor.


      I have tried adjusting the gamma, which helps blacks, but then I have a sort of white cast over everything else, which is bothersome. Adjusting the brightness and contrast along with it has produced no results, because the white cast remains and everything else but the blacks looks washed out.

      I have tried disabling the Intel driver which let me see that my monitor could show the correct colors, but I cannot continue doing so because I need to adjust brightness as well as resolution and use my second monitor. From that, I figure that the Intel driver is what is causing all my darker colors to drastically show as dim.


      I am not sure where to go from here, because the Intel driver seems to be the only thing giving me an issue with the colors, but I cannot adjust it to show blacks properly without every other color looking 'white'.

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