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    Intel D955XBK audio driver for Windows 7 64-bit

      Hello, ive recently re-installed Windows 7 64-bit on my home computer which I use as a media center. Im having a problem with the drivers from intels site for the onboard sound for the D955XBK motherboard.  I have to use the Vista 64-bit driver and then specifically add the driver via the device drivers update section. The problem is that this all works fine until i exit Media Center then try and reload it.  It hangs on a black blank screen as if Media Center is trying to process something but it never does. When i try to force a shut down it then hangs on playing windows shut down sound.  It seems the sound driver is reverting back to an old installed driver each time i shut media center down.  So i have to go into device manger uninstall the present driver (ticking the completly remove the driver) then go through the install as above for the vista 64-bit driver. This is all getting a pain unistalled the sound driver all the time. Any help people or do i need to face that my motherboard is not supported by Windows 7 64-bit drivers? Thanks