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    Temperature Issues i7 4790K


      Hi everybody!


      Since some weeks, I'm having some problems with my 4790K.


      Weeks ago, I just changed the case, switched from an NZXT Switch 810 to an Corsair 760TV2.


      After doing that, I noticed that my CPU temps are not like before. There is the Core #1 that gets more hotter than all other one. Sometimes is 10-20° more hotter than the rest of the cores. I did the reseat already two times, the problem is still here. I noticed that also the temperature on the BIOS is too high. Around 33°, before was like 14-18 - I don't remember exactly. As cooler I'm using the XSPC Raystorm with 360mm radiator with Corsair ML120 fans, and as pump I'm using the D5.


      What's the problem ? I should RMA it ?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello xMaverick_,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          This temperature is fine, you processor can run under normal conditions at 74.04°C, if you see a core that is hotter that the other cores this is normal behavior as well, your processor is fine as long as is running below 74.04°C to 80°C
          I know that the processor temperature was lower before with the old chassis but this temperature that your see with the new chassis is completely fine.
          Also, with the new chassis there might be a rise in ambient temperature and that’s why the temperature changed.
          If your new chassis has more fans than the one before, you could try unplugging some of the fans you added and see what that does to the temperatures. Some fans, side fans are a known example, can divert the air flow away from the CPU and make temperatures worse.
          As I have mentioned above you don’t need to worry about this temperature because this is perfectly fine and if the temperature does not go above 74.04°C to 80°C you are ok.
          Best regards,

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            Hey mate! Thanks for the answer.


            I'm not worried at the moment, since it's winter. The problem is, if the temps are like this now, how much will be in summer ? I can't explain why this temps changes. Everything was fine before. Remember that I'm watercooled. Sounds weird to me.


            The old frame has just 1 fan more. And with the old frame, the radiator has different fans. Now it got ML120 from Corsair.

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              Intel Corporation
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              If you are not overclocking and your system is running at default settings it will not go much higher than what you’re seeing now, your processor is not defective or anything, you will be fine even in the summer.

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                Okay, understand.


                I'm still not sure why this happened. But, I think the core#1 temp sensor is gone. I don't believe that temp.




                No, that's not normal!



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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Please run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool, the purpose of the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool is to verify the functionality of an Intel® Microprocessor. The diagnostic checks for brand identification, verifies the processor operating frequency, tests specific processor features, and performs a stress test on the processor.
                  Please install the Intel® XTU and check the processor temperature.
                  Check that the processor's heat sink has been installed properly. Inadequate thermal grease on the heat sink can cause unusually high processor temperatures.
                  Is the motherboard BIOS up to date? If not it is important to have the latest BIOS version, you can contact or access your motherboard manufacturer website to get the latest BIOS version.
                  Is your system running an XMP profile?  If so, disable the XMP profile. This is done from the BIOS.
                  Airflow is not blocked. Move cables or other hardware that may block airflow.
                  Do not use more fans than are required for your chassis. More is not better.
                  Make sure the fan are installed in the correct way as it show in the chassis manual
                  If you try the old chassis do you still get the same problem?

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                    Hi mate. Thanks for the answer.


                    I have done this already, the diagnostic. Everything seems OK, but still weird temps to me. The Waterblock is intalled properly. Thermal grease also, I have used "Rice method". I did the Waterblock reseat two times, still same problem. Possible I have failed two times while installing it ? Don't think so.


                    The Motherboard has the BIOS Version 2.00, I'm using the ASRock Extreme4. I haven't touched anything in the BIOS, all is same like before, with old chassis.


                    Fans are installed properly. All Fans are stock from Corsair, except radiator one. I'm using Corsair ML120. Unfortunately, I cannot move again the system into the old chassis. This make no sence to me. The difference between the old temps are so huge. I think something is wrong on the CPU. Even in the BIOS the temps are so damn weird. Around 36° today, I have checked it.




                    As you can see, the difference between CORE #0 and CORE #3 is very strange. Before every temps was good, of course a bit of differences between cores, but not so much. The weird thing, is also that sometimes with cooler temps outside I also get 70C of temp on the CORE #0, and sometimes, with hotter temps outside, I only get 65C on CORE #0. I'm sure the CPU sensor lie, it's broken. But it's also weird, how it came broken ? I just moved from a chassis, to another one, nothing else.


                    This is making me crazy, and sad a bit. Watercooled at stock clock the temps should be more cooler. I remember I've hit these temps in summer, with VERY hot temps outside.


                    I do many renderings, I work with 3D models, etc. I'm very scared about this temps, imagine in the summer how much C I will hit. I'm really thinking to RMA it, if Intel allow me.

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                      Intel Corporation
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                      According with the picture you attached this temperatures are fine and this is totally normal, especially on K processor, they heat more than the normal processor.
                      At this point, we can help you evaluate your warranty options for the CPU.
                      I sent you a Private Message with further instructions.