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    Reset Raid-Controller RS2BL080




      Short story: I would like to reset my raid controller Intel RS2BL080 with attached battery pack.


      Long story: I'm running an Intel server board S5520HC (2x HexCore Xeon E5645) using an Intel chassis SC5650DP and the above mentioned raid ctrl RS2BL080.

      I've flashed the latest available raid bios and updated all of the board's firmware, like BIOS, FRU, BMC, SDR and more.


      The controller once had four SAS drives attached. Running two Raid level 1. One drive crashed and I had to replace it.

      I did not replace it with another SAS harddisk but removed both drives completely and attached two SATA drives. The raid controller is capable of handling SAS and SATA drives, of course.


      After cold booting the server I pressed CTRL+G to enter the raid bios to configure a new raid.

      First I was told, during bootup, that there is a raid configuration mismatch and I could continue pressing C. Ok I did this but to no avail.

      I could enter the raid bios weeks before to configure both raid using CTRL+G. Again a few days before CTRL+G jumped at least to the graphical interface where I could select the controller, however this failed, because I could not use the keyboard nor the mouse pointer to proceed.


      Today at the stage of entering the raid configuration, I now see a black screen - nothing more. The graphical interface I saw a few days before disappeared and even waiting for half an hour did not succeed.


      I had a look into the controller manual and noticed there is a reset pin available JT9. Hence I shutted down the server, added a jumper to this pin and restarted, thought this would do a hard reset of the controller.

      After a while nothing happened as well. Don't know if this is the correct procedure to reset the controller or not. The manual does not mention this either.


      Question is: Did anybody encounter the same happening when entering the controller BIOS and how do I reset the controller assuming this would resolve this annoying error?