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    Intel AC 8260 Bluetooth not finding devices


      I recently bought the 8260 card and mounted it to my computers M.2 slot. I only installed one antenna, in antenna slot 1.

      I am using the EVGA Z170 Stinger motherboard and Windows 10.

      Wifi is working perfect, no issues at all. I have installed the latest drivers, 19.30.0, from this site: Downloads for Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260

      Bluetooth is showing up in windows, can't find any error messages in device manager. It lets me search for devices, but it never finds any.

      I have tried with my Bose QC30, BOSE SL3 and setting up my Mac for bluetooth file transfer. My Mac and iPhone find these devices with no issues.

      I have looked at all the posts on this site relating to bluetooth issues and all solutions seem to be updating drivers.

      I followed this post: intel AC 8260 bluetooth not working as good as possible on Windows 10, but I'm still having the same issues.

      Does it matter if I plugg the antenna in 1 or 2 (it is very difficult to access so don't want to try if it makes no difference)?