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    Re: NLTK (Natural language processing) installation problems.


      I am planning to upgrade to new version of linux in my edison. Planning to install Django Python. I have following queries with regard to this,


      1. Which is better , Django or yocto or debian ? Which version is better for NLTK and machine learning algorithms to work? As I am new to linux environment, I don't see that i will be creating my own custom image of yocto. My requirement is to use the python libraries available and access them without pain. Which one do you recommend?

      2. My OS is windows 7 32bit architecture. Is the yocto linux new version is available for download in 32bit version? If yes, can you send me the link to download.

      3. I downloaded this  "iot-devkit-prof-dev-image-edison-20160606". Is there a guide to install this yocto version in edison. Earlier I installed yocto in my edison using "PhoneFlashToolLite_5.3.2.0_win32.exe".


      Thanks again for your concern,

      Bhanu Kishan