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    Issue with Lenovo X1 device with AVStream Camera 2500 and drivers published by Intel




      I have got Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Type 20GG-002AGE).

      Tablet is equip with GPU Intel HD Graphics 515 and Camera AVStream Camera 2500 (VEN_8086&DEV_191E).


      I found two drivers released by Intel for this camera:

      1st. version 30.9600.6887.247

      2nd version 30.9600.7082.2627


      On both drivers there were problems in Microsoft Camera application (version 6.3.9600.16384) and in external application, which is using internal camera applied in the device.


      Basically problems concerned:

      1. General stability - unexpected crashing in Microsoft Camera application or during previewing gallery (on newest/last pictures camera is turning on, which is indicated by diode - quick moving between pictures made application crashed) and

      2. Flash light - in mode of static light, used in video recording (dedicated setting for video) and in the same context, in external application.


      Conclusions based on observations are following:

      1. Version 30.9600.6887.247 - camera was unstable and crashed many times - static flash light worked fine (in both Microsoft Camera application and external application).

      2. Version 30.9600.7082.2627 - camera was stable (no crash occurred) - static flash light didn't working well for longer (flash light is just blinking (in the moment of launching, triggering light) and next not lighting)).


      Question is whether there is any following version of this driver, which is fixing both issues?

      If no, what can be done here, to make (on drivers version 30.9600.7082.2627) camera flash full working?


      Best Regards!