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    Background Segmentation on R200 , future longer range device


      If Personify Chroma is doing background segmentation on R200, why can't Intel provide a SDK way?




      Purchased R200s for this, it is not clearly stated R200 can't do most of the Realsense SDK


      How soon is the next RealSense device that can do this? Even a quarter estimate of release dates the newer products would be help for people planning to use them-  spring? summer? next year? Anything?


      Very disappointed in RealSense products and lack of timeline

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          The next RealSense camera releases in 2017 should be the ZR-300 and R400. The final version of the Project Alloy mixed-reality headset is also due in Q4 2017.  Whilst there are no firm release dates yet for these cameras, it is strongly rumored that the Alloy headset will use the R400 (the current version uses the ZR-300), so the dev kit may be available around the same time as the headset.  Given their use in the Alloy headset (which mixes the real world in with virtual environments), I would speculate that both cameras would be capable of background segmentation, though I have no data to back up this speculation.


          Intel Announces Tools for RealSense Technology Development | Intel Newsroom


          Edit: I just remembered that in the above article, the ZR-300 dev kit was targeted for release in December 2016 but is apparently running late.  So the ZR-300 kit may appear much earlier in the year than the R400 kit.

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            If the R400 is a better version of the ZR-300, then there really isn't a point of releasing them at same time (the main reason would be if they are different in function or power consumption or hardware requirements, etc)


            These products were announced in August, the R200 is abandoned, anyone here who wants to make a product w/ this tech , it is maddening how little information is being provided, even a ballpark quarter estimate . It feels like they are abandoning platform to not engage development the community with any tangible answers

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              As great as RealSense is when it is doing what you need it to do, the marketing of it is not exactly stellar.  But then Microsoft did not exactly do a brilliant job with marketing their Kinect camera either. 


              It's a field where companies are still trying to find their feet and nail down the possibilities.  In this unsettled landscape, products tend to come and go quite often, with uncertainty about which ones will be left on the playing field when the dust settles.  In tech, there are no crystal balls.  TV manufacturers and movie studios were sure that 3D was going to be the next great thing and invested fortunes in it, and we know how that turned out.


              I truly sympathize with your frustration.  It's not fun to end up owning a Betamax or an HD-DVD when others bought VHS.and Blu-ray.  And I hear often about the frustrations of people who need solid information when they are working under the pressure of deadlines.  It is speculated that the new cameras have been held up because Intel is trying to integrate into them advanced new vision technology from a company they purchased last summer called Movidius.

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                The frustration is the uncertainly of how much time to spend, trying to get either the SR300 or the R200 to do things they weren't meant to do vs a new device that may solve those issues, that has an potential marketplace availability range of this month or a year from now.


                Like if there was an answer "no new devices for at least 4 months" then we would still dig into these devices for investor demonstration purposes. But if a new device solves this in better ways, then we'd wait.


                The money waste is far easier to swallow than the time investment waste.