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    Probably another bad-context error?


      I have DC P3500 2TB and was trying to use intel data migration tool. Secure erased the drive before migration. But when PC restarts into PE the drive can not be initialized. Retried once but it's no use. When I gave up and restarted the PC the drive turned into degraded mode. Smart is completely disabled and intel ssd toolbox shows its capacity is 0MB.


      It seems that DC P series is a lot easier to encounter problems compared to DC S series. I have 10+ S3500/S3700 drives and yet none encountered any problem. On the contrary there were 3 in 14 of my DC P3600 1.6TB drives went completely unusable last year.


      Intel please make a tool to let users save the bricked drives on their own... For now intel drives always die in some strange ways instead of hardware defects, it's inconvenient to request RMA time to time when it's not really necessary...