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    NUC Boot Issues - Not detecting drives for OS Install


      I am having problems with a NUC replacement unit sent by Intel to address a similar boot issue to the one I am reporting here:


      NUC5i7RYB -

      • 16 GB ram
      • 500 GB M.2 ssd
      • 1TB SSD
      • Bios RYBDWi35.86A.0354.2016.0120.0912


      1. When entering Bios, "No Boot Drive" is displayed in the UEFI and legacy boot menus
      2. Both SSD's DO appear under "Devices | SATA" menu
      3. If machine is allowed to boot - "Reboot or Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected boot device and press key"  Neither SSD is presented as a possible boot option.
      4. NUC will boot to a bootable USB.  After booting to windows install screen from USB, I can see and select the SSD drives to install to.  However, when I select either SSD for OS install, i get message "Windows cannot be installed on Drive X Partition X."


      Troubleshooting Steps:


      1) Ran the F9 default bios restore.

      2) Reset the machine using the Jumper method.

      3) Replaced memory sticks one at a time.

      4) Attempted to boot on just M.2 or SSD alone.  Same result.

      5) Attempted disk part to clean disks before OS install.  The NUC and OS installer can see the drives fine and will allow me to format.  The bios cannot seem to see the drives.  No changes in result,