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    Use OEM W-7 driver or current Intel for 8/8.1?


      I realize this is an Intel forum, not an HP one, but I'll ask my question anyway.


      I have an HP ProBook laptop with Ivy Bridge processor and HM67 chipset. Up until now I have been running W-7, with HP's website offering a complete set of drivers. However, HP's change to multiple organizations caused the driver download page to lose a great number of things. The pages for W-8 and W-8.1 are missing a chipset driver, but they list an ME driver in its place. The page for W-10 is missing drivers for chipset, audio, Ethernet, wireless, media card, touchpad, and fingerprint sensor. I asked about this in HP's forums, but no one replied.


      I will use a spare drive and test a W-10 installation via a CD-ROM downloaded from Microsoft to see if Microsoft supplies drivers for all hardware. The only thing I'm missing for 8/8.1 is the chipset driver (the driver CD-ROM does not include one). For both of these, I will use the graphics driver downloaded from the below link.



      What would be my best chance for success with 8/8.1: use the W-7 chipset driver from HP or download an Intel 7-8.1-10 one from the below link, knowing that the latter will not contain any OEM modifications?