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    Graphics control panel problems


      My tax program was working fine and filling my entire screen.  I use 2 monitors and was trying to adjust the 2nd one with the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel program and mistakenly clicked on something for the 1st monitor where my tax program was displayed.  I can't remember what I clicked on, but now the tax program fills only about 1/2 of my monitor - centered, but 5 inch dark spaces on both the left and right of the page displayed.  I thought, but am not positive it had something to do with checking the "maintain display scaling" option, but I am unable to uncheck it for some reason.  Excel, Word and all other apps fit the entire screen; it's only this tax program that doesn't now.  The only way I can get it to fill the entire screen now is to change the resolution from 1920 X 1080, which is what it was set at prior to the problem, to 1024 X 78 which makes all other apps huge.  Any ideas what setting can be reversed to get me back to normal?   Much appreciated.