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    Reinstall Win w/o losing RAID data?


      I have a WinXP box with two hard drives: (1) a regular boot disk, (2) an Intel Matrix RAID 1 volume (2 mirrored drives) for data. The boot disk has become corrupted, and I think it likely that I will have to wipe it clean and reinstall the RAID drivers and OS. How do I do this without losing the data on the RAID volume? Should I use the post-BIOS pre-OS utility? Or should I use the Matrix Storage Manager in Windows? Either way, how do I get it to recognize an already existing RAID 1 volume rather than installing a new volume in place of the old one?


      I read the Matrix manual, and there was no mention of this situation. Rather important, I would say, for those of us who have no other computer to which we can move our RAID volumes for recovery...