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        Hi, I am Berfs1, a somewhat known overclocker. Seeing that you have an i7-7700K, do you mind sharing your computer hardware specifications? So far, according to what you are saying, I think it could either be the cooler, the way it is installed, or in a rare case the CPU itself. Are you sure the cooler is installed properly? If so, did you apply enough thermal compound?

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          yeah no problem:
          my specs actually are:


          z170a xpower titanium MSI
          h110i GT

          tridentZ 3400 mhz 4x8
          m2 950 pro samsung
          gtx 1080 g1


          i re-applied my cooler without any problem and the issues still there, i tried to put back my 6600k and that issues doesn't appear, so i guess is something with cpu.

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            Dear Berfs1!


            I'm assebling my Pc-s since 1990, so i doubt the problem source is the cooler or the paste what i use. I applied several times both my Brocken and my Macho rev B to my 7700k, and all ends with the same results. As a somewhat known overlocker it's a wierd thing you say it's a "rare case the CPU itself". Do you ever heard about intel TIMs and delid? Anyway yes, i applied properly the past and the cooler too, all with the same result. It's run up to almost 100 C when starting a Pi test.

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              and i guess that all people here, have exactly the same issues with differents specs and skills, i doubt that all here are not able to put a cooler on a cpu!
              Is pretty clear that there's something wrong with cpu (i hope is just cpu package sensor that is drunk as ****)

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                There you go! Please find out what this is....

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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Thank you very much to for providing that file.
                  To :
                  At this point, I just wanted to let you know that we are just waiting for you to be able to provide the SSU file.
                  Please let me know if you need more time to provide that file, so we can wait for you.
                  This is in order for us to proceed with the investigation.
                  Any questions, please let me know.

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                    I have all brand new components


                    MSI Z270 Titanium


                    Corsair 64GB Platinum

                    Corsair H100i v2


                    At idle it runs a cool 32C or less. I find that it also spikes very high to the upper 50s and low 60s for a second making my fan curve go crazy and then it levels back down to the low 30s.

                    I also find that the CPU runs about 10 degrees hotter when in the bios and the temp goes all crazy and upwards of 55C to 65C when first booting the pc up.


                    I seem to be plagued by intel chips lately. I have a laptop with the 7600HQ and I'm getting display flicker like crazy and then this processor is spiking in temp.


                    What gives?? Maybe there is a software fix to this?

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                      Here is my system report using the software you mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                        I meant that it's somewhat rare that it's the CPU causing the issue under a very good cooler and no unsafe overclocks.

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                          I think I know the problem. It isn't you, it has to be the CPU. I recommend trying a 6700K and see if that helps. I suspect that Intel provided a somewhat low quality TIM again...

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                            If you are ok with Skype, just skype me and I'll try to help via settings in BIOS. I think it could be a few settings there, but I don't know for sure.

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                              Have the same problem with i7 7700k + ASUS Z270F Strix, CPU Cooler Thermalright Macho Rev.A + Arctic Cooling MX2. Temperature after 30 min gaming is about 72-79 C's with spikes from 80 to 90 C's...So look at this spikes (attached picture).Stress.png

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                                From my experience, that is because you have a quad core CPU. When I was overclocking a G3258 (dual core), the temps stayed stable, partially because I had an extremely awesome cooler (Enermax Liqmax II 240 w/ AS5 thermal compound). I have a friend who got some temperature spikes on his i5-4690K, but to be fair he was doing extreme benchmarking, and he was able to hit 5 GHz on 2 cores, but 4.6GHz on 4 cores and the temps were spiking to 100C at 1.4V, so yea. I think this issue should be just the fact that it's a quad core CPU (the 7700K thermal issue), but I would like to hear from someone with an i3-7350K if they are receiving similar issues at equivalent voltages (1.4V on 7700K, perhaps 1.65V on 7350K) before straight up saying that there is a thermal sensor issue.

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                                  Im afraid you might be right... 

                                  In my opinion (and im pretty sure almost all customers) this behaviour of providing a low quality TIM solution is unacceptable. Especially on the ''Unlocked'' models. I hope intel reacts appropriately to this ''temperature spike issue''.



                                  If Intel does not... Then i hope for Intels sake that ''Ryzen'' will not be a great succes.

                                  Because Kavy Lake could be the last processor i bought from intel for over the next decade. 

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                                    i am also having the same problem with the i7700k. Temperature spikes when opening an applications like my browser would cause the cpu rise from an idle temp of around 30c to 50-60c than back down again. The cpu has not been overclocked and the motherboard is a msi z270i with a noctua u9s cooler.

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