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    Resident Evil 7 Crashing problems


      Hello guys, I'm having problems playing Resident evil 7 on my gpd win with intel atom z8700, with my MacBook Pro 13 with intel iris 6100 and my surface pro 4 with intel hd 520, the problems its like that


      but on my surface pro 2 with intel hd 4400 and only 4 gb of ram, never crash, I can't understand why, but the people say it's a driver problem, I can install the same driver of my surface pro 2 on my intel atom and still is crashing. I think its a. problem of the chipsets or direct x, I'm not sure now but I think intel hd 4400 it's only compatible with directx 11, and the others with directx 12.


      check this one: I'm playng and trying config during 4 hours without crashes.


      I need your help a loot of people want play this game!