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    SC5xxx series tower cases, versus EATX board (mounting holes)?


      Anyone happen to know if the Intel SC5xxx series (ex SC5200, SC5300) tower case

      will mount a EATX board?  (or, mount it "reasonably" well?)


      From what I've read the SSI EEB (3.61) mounting holes, differ from those on the ETX boards.


      I thought there might be small chance that Intel would've allowed for mounting a EATX board

      in the SCxxx series server cases ... (actually, I doubt it, but I haven't seen a SC5xxx series case up close)


      Driving this, was wanting to use a SuperMicro boards (X8DT3-F) in a case that seems

      to (still) have reasonable SCSI hotswap options (eg U320 SCA/80pin)