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    win7 disk management does not recognise raid 1 volume

      hi all, let me freely admit i am new to raid so hopefully this will be an easy question for you to answer.


      i'm using intel matrix storage console ( and have set up a raid array with two disks containing one raid 1 and one raid 0 volumes. I did this from the bios and both volumes are recognised in intel msc.

      Win 7 is installed on the raid 0 volume but disk management does not recognise the raid 1 volume. instead it requests i initialize the disk but even then i cannot see the disk in explorer or get any files onto it.


      Can i have both raid 0 and 1 volumes in one array, if so, what is the process for doing this please?





      windows 7 64bit

      intel p55 core i5

      intel msc