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    gskill 3466 mhz oc problem


      when i enable the xmp profile to run in 3466 mhz, the first issue i refer to as artifacts are elongated white lines , plump in the middle, appearing to race across screen horizontally at random intervals. This occurs in the uefi bios interface and in windows too, the issue 2 : occasionally i detect a slight shakiness or shimmering near the bottom of the display. I run the pc with the onboard, so i was told this maybe be a problem but i dont know any solution. I upgraded the bios to the latest version and all values are on auto.

      To run the memories properly, i put them in 2400 mhz, all other frequencys has this problems too.


      My system specs: i7 6700k, msi m3, 4x gskill 3466 4gb F4-3466C16Q-16GVK , corsair force le ssd and 2 wd caviar black, psu cm silent pro m 1000.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Since this processor is been overclocked, this type of issues may arise. Please bear in mind the processor was design to work with the following memory speed:              

          DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V

          My recommendation would be to wait for different users with same experience and provide possible solutions to this issue.