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    S5000PSL NIC Problems & SRCSASRB RAM Problems




      Have here a S5000PSL Motherboard. I installed Windows Server 2008 R2. Have troubles with one Network card (port). Sometimes (after power switch off/on) the nic is not working. Sometimes works with only 100 MBit. The second one works without problems.

      If  I change the cables, i have also the same problem. I also tried another switch. I have also a secon Server also with S5000PSL, works wthout Problems. On both server I installed the latest Intel driver (chipset, video, lan, . . . .all drivers).

      On the first Server also the same Problem with original microsoft drivers.


      Is this board broken ???



      My second Problem!


      Have here 4 srcsasrb controller, one of them shows "only" 128 mb? I think that is my oldest controller.

      Is this controller also broken or Intel have build also this controller with only 128mb ???



      best regards