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    Chipset Driver install reset after restart




      i got some bluescreens with new ssd, so i tried for figure out what caused them.

      One suspect is, that i dont have the current chipset driver.


      Win10 64bit

      CPU: i5 4670k

      Motherboard: MSI Z87-G43

      The Intel Driver Update Utility 2.6 shows:

      My installed Version is 10.0.14393.594

      The Current Version is


      On the MSI driver site the current version is

      The MSI Live Update Software shows no updates.


      Since msi is not answering i try to ask here.


      My Problem is that i cant install any newer chipset driver. I tried to install it with the intel update software and with the .exe and the .exe from the msi site.

      Nothing worked. The installation is successful without error, but after the restart it is on the old Version.


      Any suggestions?